Leverage game-changing Generative AI for B2B &
Supply Chain Enterprises

LLM powered orchestration to demonstrably reduce costs and boost productivity across your organization


Innovators trust Zuro to put
AI to work for them

Zuro is currently used by enterprises, banks and government agencies worldwide.
We have delivered outstanding results for our clients, contact us for case studies and references.

With Zuro all our teams have a managed, secure and easy way to use AI in their everyday work. One of the best decisions we’ve made

Henry Porter Managing Partner

Zuro in a Nutshell

Our AI engine is handcrafted for you with your business goals and industry in mind.
It outperforms general purpose public models while remaining cost efficient and ROI focussed.

ROI Focussed

We build solutions that deliver tangible ROI for your business in weeks and NOT years.

Use Existing Data

We process unstructured and structured data using tech to create predictive models.

Speed where it matters

We ingest data on the order of terabytes and deploy highly performant models.

Data to delight

We go beyond traditional  machine learning to surface unexpected insights.

Solutions to actual problems

We customize solutions to support the nuance of your unique business challenges.

Adaptive and Intelligent

We build models that adapt to changing business needs and data distribution shifts.

Deployments with us or inhouse 

We support multiple deployments including SaaS, on-prem and major cloud providers.

End-to-End Workflows

We help embed models into customer end to end enterprise once they’re deployed.

Organizational benefits

We bring stakeholders across departments into processes, decisions, and outcomes.


Out of the box wins

There are several opportunities for both cost savings and increased revenue with Zuro.
These are some potential areas with big wins.

Integrated internal support
and customer service

  • Enhances customer interactions with 24/7 AI-powered virtual assistants.
  • Handles a wide range of inquiries efficiently, from tracking orders to resolving complaints.
  • Improves response times and costs, significantly – while boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Continuously learns from interactions to offer more personalized and effective support over time.

Consolidating data and
generating reports from diverse sources

  • Aggregates and interprets data from various supply chain segments for a unified view.
  • Generates insightful reports and identifies key trends for strategic decision-making.
  • Provides actionable insights for operational improvements.
  • Aids in aligning supply chain strategies with market dynamics and customer needs.

Demand forecasting and
Inventory optimization

  • Utilizes vast data sets to accurately predict future demand patterns.
  • Helps in optimizing inventory levels, reducing both stockouts and excess inventory.
  • Adapts swiftly to changing market conditions, maintaining supply chain efficiency.
  • Supports strategic inventory management and resource allocation.

Supply chain visibility and risk management

  • Offers real-time visibility across the entire supply chain network.
  • Proactively identifies potential risks and disruptions.
  • Enables quick decision-making to mitigate risks, like supplier diversification or shipment rerouting.
  • Enhances overall supply chain resilience and reliability.

Increase productivity and reduce
costs while improving collaboration

Our AI engine enables your teams to be data driven, respond faster and more accurately without
needing to scale human resources

RoAI Discovery

1. Discover

Partner with leadership to identify mission- critical AI use cases.

2. Diagnose

Diagnose the biggest pain points in your enterprise with our diagnostics framework.

3. Demonstrate

Collaborate with business heads and technical partners to pinpoint opportunities with the biggest ROI.

RoAI Deployment

4. Deploy

Build, train, and deploy AI solutions tailored to your business needs and focus.

5. Deliver

Deliver promised results and build capabilities to sustain these results.

Data is the new energy, Zuro puts our existing and future data to work for our company in a meaningful way

Ida Bjordal – SVP Global Operations

100+ Smart data connectors and integrations

We integrate will all modern platforms and systems as long as they have an API.
We also can write custom connectors and integration flows for your use cases


Proven results in weeks,
not years


2 weeks


4 - 6 weeks

Deploy + Train

8 weeks


3 - 4 months

We take security seriously

SOC 2 Security, Availability, Confidentiality & Privacy Report
available on request.
Level 2 audit Gold CSA Star certification for our cloud
service security capabilities.
Zuro offers HIPAA BAA agreements to companies in the
healthcare industry that must comply with HIPAA regulations
for safeguarding patient privacy and sensitive health
As a company, Zuro complies with the General Data Protection
Regulation (GDPR). We take customer data privacy seriously.

Artificial Intelligence cannot disrupt your business. Other companies with people using AI most certainly will

Thor Arne – Founder and CEO
get an unfair business advantage

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